Prof. Manju Bansal Lab, MBU, IISc, Bangalore, India.


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Prof. Manju Bansal
Molecular Biophysics Unit,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore 560 012,
India .
Tel: 91-80-22932534
Fax: 91-80-23600535


Contact MBU!!!

Phone number to contact MBU office: 2293 2459

Fax number to contact anyone in MBU : 2360 0535

Fax number for the institute is : 2360 0683

Note: Code for Bangalore is 80 and that of India is 91 and these may have to be  appropriately prefixed depending upon from where you call.

How to reach MBU, IISc 

The local name for IISc is 'Tata Institute' and therefore, it is important to use the name 'Tata Institute' with the taxi, auto drivers, and bus conductors.

From the Airport: Tata Institute (IISc) is about 22 km from the Bangalore Airport (both domestic and international). Prepaid or city taxis are available at the airport to all parts of the city. You could take a prepaid taxi (currently, the cost is Rs. 300), or a city taxi (costs about Rs. 220), or an auto rickshaw (costs about Rs. 120).

From the City Railway Station: Bangalore is connected to all major Indian cities by rail. Several super fast trains such as Shatabdhi, Brindavan, Lalbagh express connect Bangalore to Chennai. The City Railway Station is the main terminal in Bangalore. If you are traveling by train, you should get off at the City Railway Station, which is about 7 km from the IISc campus. You will have to get out of the station from platform number ONE and reach the prepaid auto stand and hire a city taxi (costs about Rs. 125), or a prepaid Autorikshaw (costs Rs. 40).

From the Cantontment Railway Station: Another major railway station in Bangalore is the Cantontment Railway Station, also known as Bangalore Cantt. The distance from this station to IISc is almost same as the Bangalore City railway station and it also has prepaid auto-rickshaw facility. You can also use the bus services from the bus stop just opposite to the station. Route Nos. 94 A and E, 252 A, 270 A, 272, 276 A.

From the Bus Terminal: The Main bus terminal in the city is opposite the City Railway Station. This bus terminal, commonly known as Majestic, is about 7 km from IISc. If you happen to reach Majestic, Bangalore, reach platform number 22 from where almost all buses come to the Institute (Bus Route nos. 252 E, 258 C, 271 E, 273 C, 275, 276, 98B,99 A and B). One can choose a City taxi or an Autorikshaw for nearly the same cost. Travel by auto-rickshaws between 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. will cost 50% more.



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