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From left(Seated) Prof.Manju Bansal, Vetriselvi. (Standing) Ashish, Rajasekaran, Senthil Kumar, Prasun, Sushmita, Czuee, Asmita, Aditya & Rajesh.


PhD Students:



Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar joined the group in 2008.

MSc. - Molecular Biology & Biotechnology   

Contact -




Y.V. Rajesh

Y.V. Rajesh joined the group in 2008. 

Contact details :





Ashish Shelar

Ashish joined the group in 2009. 

He is currently working on transmembrane protein structure analysis.

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Asmita Gupta

Asmita joined the group in 2009. 

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Sanjukta Das

Sanjukta joined the group in 2010.

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Prasun Kumar

Prasun joined the group in 2009.

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Project Assistants:





Ananth Muthiah

Ananth joined the group in 2014.

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