PromBase is a comparative genomics database containing various sequence and structural features. It also has a graphical and tabular representation of predicted promoter region based on relative stability of DNA.

PromBase provides whole genome annotation of putative promoter regions in microbial genomes and the other genomic related information such as %GC content distribution and average free energy profiles for all 1000nt long fragments (with 250nt overlap) in the genome, cumulative CDS-skew as well as CG and TA skews for each genome, %nucleotide distribution, length and %GC content of coding as well as tandem, convergent and divergent intergenic regions. In addition PromBase shows the DNA sequence and sequence dependent structural properties in the vicinity of the microbial genomic gene translation start sites (TLSs).

Currently PromBase prvides promoter annotation for 913 microbial genomes.

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